Healthy Not Boring Cooking Class - Thursday October 17, 2019 6pm


About the product:

  • Healthy Not Boring – learn how to make healthy, super tasty and easy dishes that the whole family will like and that will work for entertaining. Even men love this food.
    You also get to enjoy the food at the end of the class 
  • Perfect for those who are gluten free, vegetarian and vegan – but if you didn't mention that no one would know!
  • Sarah gives you lots of tips around where to shop, pantry staples to have, the heath properties of the foods used in the recipes. 
  • Time - 2-2.5 hours - this includes lunch or dinner
  • Location - TBC - South Melbourne
  • Teacher - Sarah Green -  her Bio is in About Us
  • All participants take home a set of the Healthy 101 cooking cards which includes 17 recipes
  • Cost $125 per head
  • Purchase at product and we will send you confirmation email with location

"You were brilliant and I can’t wait to spread the word :

 Instead of an expensive dinner or a birthday gift she’d never use, I took my friend to Sarah’s cooking class.  We both loved it and we will definitely be back.  Sarah’s easy going clarity shines through her class and her recipes. While we relaxed over a glass of wine, Sarah effortlessly presented her simple recipes using delicious secrets and fresh basics from Mum’s fridge.  Soon our table was laden with beautiful, vibrant, healthy and delicious food.  Refreshed and relaxed, we are both looking forward to trying Sarah’s tips and recipes at home.  Thank you Sarah for reminding us that life and cooking really was meant to be easy."

 Penelope Mitchell                                                                                   

"Sarah's cooking class offered so much more than a few recipes.  I loved
the information I got on healthy eating, shopping for the right foods,
organising your pantry and fridge and general nutrition.  The food was
absolutely divine and I can't wait to try it all out at home. But the
bonus was the fun night out factor - a great group of people watching
and learning over a glass of wine and tasty Sarah food.  I absolutely
recommend it."

Edwina Gatenby

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